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Bartle Lakes is quickly becoming the snowshoeing mecca of the Colorado Rockies.
Reserved for the snowiest of days, snowshoeing is the perfect activity for winter . This low impact activity is just as easy as walking, but much more fun! With snowshoes, imagine being surrounded by nothing but untouched snow, utter silence (except for the crunch of snow beneath your feet) and 360º of breathtaking scenery.

Get your group together this winter and see how we can create your perfect winter adventure. A custom snowshoeing trip is perfect for Corporate teams, groups of friends and families.

Of course, snow shoeing is dependent on weather and snow accumulation (Mother Nature), up to 10 people $150/person

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5 Reasons We Love Snowshoeing

1) It’s Great Exercise

Some cardio addicts loathe the snow because it forces them inside and onto stationary bikes and treadmills, away from the beautiful running trails and bike paths that they
enjoy the rest of the year. Snowshoeing allows you to getout and enjoy those trails.

2) You Can Expand Your Territory

With hiking trails buried beneath feet of snow, snowshoeing allows you to explore and create your own trails, or re-experience your favorite trails and see them in a totally new light.

3) It’s Easy to Get Started

Snowshoeing doesn’t require much training or unique know-how. Many folks will tell you: if you know how to walk, you’re already pre-qualified.

4) It’s Safer Than Skiing & Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding can be fun and exhilarating winter activities, but they come with their fair share of downsides. One of those downsides is the potential for injury. With proper safety precautions, your risk of injury on a typical snowshoe outing is low.

5) It’s Fun!

There’s nothing quite like floating across the snowy surface of freshly-fallen powder, snowshoeing for fun
and nothing else.


Port – A – Johns ( available at the beginning and end of the trip )

Beverages upon arrival at the summit house (coffee, hot chocolate, or wine)

Light snack (upon arrival at the summit house )

75 miles southwest of Denver on Hwy – 285 (Approximately a 90 minute drive ) 65 miles from Breckenridge using Hwy 9 to NB Hwy – 285 (Approximately a 55 minute drive)

Located on US-285 about 70 miles south
of Denver.
(Approximately a 90 minute drive)

This backdrop provides incredible mountain scenery for your Colorado fishing trip.

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